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Using WinJoke is Simple
This is how it works
You tell a joke and the world laughs with you. Then it rates the joke and your telling of it. If you top the chart when the Joke Clock gets to zero, you win the weekly $1000! Share your joke so your friends can enjoy it and vote for you. Everyone laughs happily ever after.

The first time you visit WinJoke you will be directed to the Joke Filter settings where you select the joke ratings you consent to see. For example, if you don’t want to hear the raunchiest jokes, don’t select the Blue category. But if you’re feeling devilish you can always go back and change your selection. Likewise, if you have grown tired of the General joke category for kids and their grandmothers, you can deselect that option. Whatever tickles your fancy.
Follow the rules
  1. Register to upload, comment on, or vote for a joke. You can upload and vote for as many jokes as you want. They can be videos, static images or animated sequences with your voiceover, a sock puppet, ventriloquist’s dummy or your face in disguise. Anything goes! Just make sure that what you tell is a joke, not stand up comedy, one liner or a sketch.
  2. When uploading a joke, choose the appropriate category: General, Mature or Blue.
  3. Share your joke with as many friends you think might enjoy it and rate it. The more people who see your joke, the greater your chance of getting the winning vote.
  4. Visitors can rate any number of jokes a maximum of once a day. Be precise when you slide the rating scale and click on Vote. The score considers the number of views and voted ratings to rank your joke relative to all other jokes.
  5. We contact the winners via email. If we cannot get in touch with the winner within a week, the prize is forfeited.
  6. Have fun! Remember, this is the place where laughing matters.
Use WinJoke well. It’s so simple.
  1. Find the freshest jokes right on our homepage.
  2. Visit Joke Filter Settings to filter joke content.
  3. Get involved. WinJoke is more fun when you engage joke tellers by posting a comment. Often the banter in the comments below the jokes is funnier than the jokes themselves. Be part of an active peanut gallery! When you are done watching a joke, you will be shown other jokes you might like,
  4. Check out the most appreciated jokes by visiting the Top 40 list.
  5. Search by teller, topic or tags in the Search Bar at the top of every page.
  6. Visit the Most Viewed section to see the all time, most popular jokes, or the Featured section for jokes by special guests or about timely topics.
  7. Click on the Random Joke Playlist for hours of unpredictable hilarity.

We encourage you to view and rate as many jokes as you desire. Then forward your favorite ones to friends. It’s always better to share a laugh.

Make ‘em laugh
Here’s how to record yourself telling jokes. First, make sure the lighting is flattering. Check your sound levels to ensure that your voice comes through clearly without bursting anybody’s eardrums. Then tell your joke like you’ve never told it before. Use your facial expressions, vocal inflection, gestures and body language to bring it to life.

When you’re happy with the video you’ve captured, save it on your PC, and click on Upload Your Joke. Then get ready to launch your joke to an audience that is looking for laughs. You’ll need to be registered, so if you haven’t yet signed up, click on the blue link at the top of any page.

Time to upload your joke! You’ll need to give it a title, keywords and place it in the correct Joke Category – General, Mature or Blue. It’s important to place your joke in the right category as visitors can flag miscategorized jokes, which are then taken off the site until reviewed and judged for appropriateness. This can cause the loss of valuable voting time. Choosing engaging, descriptive titles and keywords increases your chances of people finding your joke. Spamming will not be tolerated. Users that upload irrelevant or inappropriate content will be banned from WinJoke.
Promote your joke
When you’ve uploaded your joke it will be showcased in the Uploaded Fresh box on the homepage. Now you’re ready to tell your universe that you want to share a laugh with them. Invite them to view your joke and give it a rating. Just click on the Share This Joke options and tell everybody – via email, Facebook and Twitter. The more people you tell, the greater number of people can view your joke, which increases your chances of getting a winning score. So tell everyone you know. We all deserve a good laugh.
How well are you doing?
Check your score throughout the week. You may need to give your network of supporters a reminder to get your score up and in the running for the weekly payoff. And if you don’t win this week, keep promoting because scores are cumulative. As long as your joke is getting more viewers’ ratings you’re in the running for the money. Who knows, your joke could be next week’s sleeper hit. But don’t stop there. Tell another joke!
How to score
This is not just a popularity contest, a measure of how many people view your joke. It’s a more qualitative metric. We’ve developed a formula that calculates all the important factors to yield the joke’s score. This score determines where your joke lands on the Top 40 and it’s continuously recalculated whenever someone views or votes for a joke.

There is so much to laugh about.

The WinJoke team
Laughing matters.