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We are just a bunch of jokers
We are dedicated to laughter and happiness. Our mission is to make it possible for people to share a laugh and participate in the medically approved act of cracking up.

We all want a little something to lift the spirit and ease our challenges. So why not a joke?  That’s why we created a place where laughing matters.

Sharing a joke is a fundamental universal principle. As one of our team aptly put it, “Even before sex, there was laughing.” It’s as deeply ingrained in the human condition as the imperative to maintain the species!

Technology has provided us with the capacity to channel this natural tendency to create a community with the intent of sharing fun. People want to be part of a digital hearth. Everyone can gather round wherever you may be and feel the uplift from letting it all go in a burst of laughter.

We invite you to join us whenever you want to be happy.

Laughing matters